Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Emil Westman Hertz, and chants by María Sabina

28 April–18 June 2017
Opening Friday 28 April 7-9pm

Gathered at the threshold, sheltered by a row of staves: soldiers, travelers, healers, the convalescent and the sick. On one side, an obscure space. On the other, distant mountains.

Thunder rattles and all direction is reversed. The whistle becomes a whirlwind, becomes a wheel, becomes a wand. A wand summoning opposites.

Angels trumpet knowledges from deep within the marrow – which is sung and sucked and given like offerings of rice. Cellular histories meet with cadmium and lead; fangs are met with hoof and shell; skin is met with thorn.

Oak people, Rain people, Ant people. Dog and Mushroom people. Not the same, yet neither unrelated. Ears tuned to each other’s speech, wounds formed to witness.

Tearing visions from their hearts like flowers on the field of battle, the seers shall remain, undeterred.

with wounds of clarity / with wounds of dust brings together the work of filmmaker Beatriz Santiago Muñoz (1972, Puerto Rico), sculptor Emil Westman Hertz (1978-2016, Denmark), and curandera (or healer) María Sabina (1894-1985, Mexico) on the fragile and porous boundaries between human and non-human worlds.