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Love comes first

Love comes first

Akram Al Halabi, Tova Berglund, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Mattias Eliasson, Stina Malmqvist, Anni Puolakka & Jaakko Pallasvuo

Performative events: Jens August Lindqvist Cooking Ensemble, Lisa Busby, Natalia Rebelo & Jin Mustafa

14 September–4 November 2018
Opening Friday 14 September 6pm-late

Celebrating your birthday is not an… »

Digital Distress - Consumed by Infinity

Digital Distress – Consumed by Infinity

Kah Bee Chow, Andreas Kurtsson, Alexandra Lerman, Adriana Ramić

8 December 2017–25 March 2018
Opening Friday 8 December 7-9pm

This could be an example of AI generated concrete poetry, or how digitalization appears in the augmented reality of our everyday lives. The interface between… »

today, tomorrow

today, tomorrow

Hardy Strid

16 September–26 November 2017
Opening Saturday 16 September 6-9pm

Not so long ago, in a country far up in the northern parts of Europe, a kung fu master wrote down two Chinese characters on a piece of paper. He then translated them… »

with wounds of clarity / with wounds of dust

with wounds of clarity / with wounds of dust

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Emil Westman Hertz, and chants by María Sabina

28 April–18 June 2017
Opening Friday 28 April 7-9pm

Gathered at the threshold, sheltered by a row of staves: soldiers, travelers, healers, the convalescent and the sick. On one side, an obscure space.… »

III. This Event has Now Ended

III. This Event has Now Ended

Vangelis Vlahos

10 March–9 April 2017
Opening Friday 10 March 7-9pm

Chapter 3 of the exhibition trilogy …this is Radio Athènes at Signal.

Three details, three protagonists, three cases: the notes of Euclid Tsakalotos, the current finance minister of Greece; the suitcase of George… »

II. Two-hander

II. Two-hander

Rallou Panagiotou

3 February–5 March 2017
Opening Friday 3 February 7-9pm

Chapter 2 of the exhibition trilogy …this is Radio Athènes at Signal.

If I did spit on something, I just spat on a piece of clothing. I was only showing contempt for this bit»

I. Economy Class

I. Economy Class

Eleni Bagaki

18 November 2016–29 January 2017
Opening Friday 18 November 7-9pm

Chapter 1 of the exhibition trilogy …this is Radio Athènes at Signal.

As the sequence of autonomous presentations unfolds, facts and fictions derived from the constant and unique interaction of conflicting forces operate at different… »

...this is Radio Athènes

…this is Radio Athènes

Eleni Bagaki, BLESS, Rallou Panagiotou, Vangelis Vlahos

18 November 2016–9 April 2017
Opening Friday 18 November 7-9pm

Responding to an invitation by Signal, Radio Athènes is bringing to Malmö four distinct projects by Eleni Bagaki, BLESS, Rallou Panagiotou and Vangelis Vlahos as well as titles… »



Katinka Bock, Dana DeGiulio,
Raha Raissnia

16 September–6 November 2016
Opening Friday 16 September 7-9pm

A multitude of voices, a plurality of bodies.
An assemblage of exchanged goods surpasses the literal economy of the marketplace in favor of a stuttering and… »



Minia Biabiany

29 April–19 June 2016
Opening Friday 29 April 7-9pm

A beginning. To open, to introduce.

An artist is invited to live and work in our city for three months. We call it a residency. It is an open invitation, extended in the… »