Pia Mauno, Eivind Nesterud, Matias Ring

21 November–21 December 2003
Opening Friday 21 November

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” presents works by Pia Mauno, Eivind Nesterud and Matias Ring. The exhibition centres around events or situations that extend from everyday routine and environment into personal configurations of landscape and methods of reflection.

Pia Mauno’s paintings depict unhabitable places. Landscapes, pools of patterns, repetitions and architectures where people are submitted to linear and circular structures in symbiosis or as if they challenged each other in an forever meaningless battle. Ideal human beings that strive for perfection, the lack of fools. Side by side, but without contact with each other, the figures move forward on the escalator.

Eivind Nesterud’s video work “Poe’s Room” shows a woman reading an extract by Edgar Allan Poe’s essay “The philosophy of furniture” in which a room is described in its smallest details. The work explores the ideal of the domestic environment, which here falls in contrast with the gallery space, questioning the relationship between imagination and experience.

The works of Matias Ring can be seen as a materialisation of instants or experiences, in which the artist attempts to reconstruct a temporary manifestation. A reflection on a day spent at the seaside or a contemplation on Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo entering the inaccessible places of the deep sea.