Nanjira Sambuli
Sunday 25 March 2018

In this talk, Nanjira Sambuli will reflect on some digital realities based on her work across Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America, where there’s much excitement, as there should be trepidation, about connecting the next billion. She will draw from examples of how scholars from these parts of the world are claiming a space in shaping the discourse about ‘digital development’, introducing bold new language eg ‘digital colonialism’, as a means of challenging the approaches meted out on a people who are hardly consulted on the digital futures they desire. She will also give personal reflections on resistance and alternatives, by the people who form the primary sites for unlocking ‘digital El Dorados’, that is, those posing great potential as brand new eyeballs for the platforms that have monopolized the web, as well as the role of policy in all this.

Nanjira Sambuli is a Nairobi-based researcher and analyst working as a Digital Equality Advocacy Manager at the World Wide Web Foundation.

The talk is organised in conjunction with the exhibition Digital Distress – Consumed by Infinity.