by Robert Ashley
Tuesday 7 September 2010

With an introduction by Frans Gillberg and Mathias Holmberg.

In connection with the opening of this year’s sound installation in Scaniaparken (Starfield Simulation #35), Signal – Centre for Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Music Doc, will screen Robert Ashley’s documentary on one of the pioneers of sound art, Alvin Lucier (b. 1931).

In his sound art, Lucier makes use of different scientific phenomena to create music where the composer is placed in the background and the physical and spacious aspects of sound itself become central. Music for a long thin wire and I am sitting in a room are two of his most well-known pieces, the latter being an attempt to erase his stammering speech by recording it, then playing back the recording into the room and re-recording it until the echo of the room replaces his voice.

The documentary is screened in conjunction with Alvin Lucier’s piece Sferics that will be performed by the Dutch artist Anne Wellmer in Scaniaparken. Sferics is a recording of electromagnetic disturbances, where their distance from earth is reflected in the character of the sound. The parabolic shape of Scaniaparken creates a kind of sci-fi-esque monitoring of information, a point of contact with outer space.

Anne Wellmer studied under Alvin Lucier and her sound installations, sound walks and radio art have been presented internationally in festivals and biennales such as New York Electronic Arts Festival, Happy New Ears in Kortrijk and Ars Electronica in Linz, where she also received an award of honour.

Scaniaparken, Sept 4 – Oct 3, 2010
A collaboration between Starfield Simulation, Signal – Center for Contemporary Art and Full Pull.