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Sunday 15 March 2020
1-4pm at Inkonst

When publishing spaces are becoming more restricted in favor of ideological and market-driven communication – there is an urgent need for expanding critical conversations and formats. Under the headline “Editorial meeting”, Paletten Art Journal organises two public symposiums during the spring 2020 in Malmö and in Stockholm, and contributes to one in Gothenburg. These gatherings do not only intend to present and comment, but also actively discuss, determine and propose alternative methods for future work. The resulting material will be worked through in collaboration with local editors, and published on Paletten’s website in the fall of 2020.

Focus: The meeting at Inkonst will be the first out of three meetings during the spring, with a special focus on criticism as care and collective project. What is care (in the context of art), who provides care and who receives it? How can art criticism contribute to the improvement of cultural workers’ conditions? Can we collectively establish joint criterias and values? What do we as critics tell and share, and what stories are being heard? These are some of the questions that will be discussed during the symposium. Additionally, a focus on the geopolitical interface – both between Malmö and Copenhagen as well as the material and identitarian divisions that characterise our work and our lives in past, present and future. How do these relationships impact the textual content and the writers who produce it? The meeting is held at Inkonst in collaboration with Inter Art Center (IAC), Signal – Center for Contemporary Art, and the podcast series Critical Dialogues (Christine Antaya and Matthew Rana).

Preliminary speakers:
– Jakob Jakobsen (Copenhagen), artist and writer
– WeRCurious (Malmö), cross-disciplinary network of care
– Critical Dialogues (Malmö), art critics and editors Christine Antaya and Matthew Rana
– (Paris), anonymous editorial collective

Local editors: Christine Antaya och Matthew Rana

Location: Inkonst, Malmö
Free entrance, limited spots. Register here: