Presentation of Raoul Hausmann x 3
Subaltern journal & Eskaton publishing
Monday 3 April 2017

The journal Subaltern and publisher Eskaton present, in parallel to the recent publication of Raoul Hausmann’s Eccentric Sensoriality and Subaltern #3 and #4 (2016), an evening dedicated to Raoul Hausmann and his circle.

Raoul Hausmann (1886-1971) is best known as the inventor of the photomontage and one of the driving forces behind Berlin DADA, but he was also a poet, philosopher and political theorist who called for a complete transformation of Western civilization, and had close ties to so-called “left communism”. In the two issues of Subaltern, Hausmann’s political and philosophical works are presented alongside kindred thinkers including the Kantian philosopher and lawyer Ernst Marcus, art-theorist Carl Einstein, revolutionary and director Guy Debord, and the expressionist provocateur Salomo Friedländer.

The evening is presented in conjunction with This Event has Now Ended by Vangelis Vlahos, the third chapter of the exhibition trilogy …this is Radio Athènes.