Tuesday 18 November 2003

Signal has invited the danish curator and art critic Lars Bang Larsen to hold a lecture. Lars Bang Larsen has recently been curating The Echo Show at Tramway in Glasgow together with Soren Andreasen. “Inspired by dub reggae’s use of feedback and the ways in which psychedelic art dramatised pictorial elements as pulsations of form, The Echo Show explores the impure moments when art opens up to external events that have repercussions on it and forces it to improvise.”

He has also been curating the exhibition Fundamentalists of the New Order together with Charlotte Brandt and Cristina Ricupero at Charlottenborg in Copenhagen late 2002.

Lars Bang Larsen is active as a critic and writer, and released the book “Sture Johanesson. About the 1960s and ’70 psychedelic art of Sture Johanesson” last year. He has also been writing for Nu:The Nordic Art Review, Art/Text, Los Angeles and the danish newspaper Politiken.