Cia Rinne
Curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen
in collaboration with Signal

1−24 February 2013
Opening Friday 1 February 6-10pm,
with performances at 8-9pm
by Cia Rinne, UKON and Frisk Frugt

In sounds for soloists poet and artist Cia Rinne uses her multilingual voice as an instrument to perform complex, yet minimal compositions in sound and text. By applying intricate cross-lingual wordplays and vocal explorations in language-sound, she reduces wide terrains of philosophical and linguistic complexities to their very essence, often in interplay with their sonic or formal qualities. Her playful yet strictly conceptual pieces are evocative of Dada poetry and Fluxus and in line with the traditions of concrete and sound poetry. sounds for soloists operates freely on the borders of writing, performance and the visual arts where language simultaneously functions as text, sound and image. In the exhibition, the two sound works “sans y/eux” and “sounds for soloists” (in collaboration with Sebastian Eskildsen) are presented in close relation to a selection from the two text-based works “notes for soloists” and “serious cerises”.

The opening will be accompanied by a set of performances including readings by Cia Rinne, and poet and psychoanalyst UKON, and a concert by musician and composer Frisk Frugt who will perform on his home made vacuum-cleaner-flute-organ.

The project sounds for soloists has previously been presented at Grimmuseum in Berlin and The Living Art Museum in Reykjavik in different versions and is realized with support from The Nordic Culture Fund and the Foundation for Swedish Culture in Finland.



Cia Rinne, Installationsvy/Installation view. Foto/Photo: Terje Östling


Cia Rinne, Installationsvy/Installation view. Foto/Photo: Terje Östling


Cia Rinne, sans y/eux, 2012. Foto/Photo: Terje Östling


Cia Rinne, notes for soloists, 2012. Foto/Photo: Terje Östling


Cia Rinne, serious cerises, 2012. Foto/Photo: Terje Östling


Cia Rinne/Sebastian Eskildsen, sounds for soloists, 2011-12. Foto/Photo: Terje Östling


Cia Rinne, notes for soloists, 2012. Foto/Photo: Terje Östling