Francis Patrick Brady, Jeannette Ehlers, Jacob Kirkegaard, Iman Mohammed,
Karin Tidbeck, Andrzej Tichý

May–June 2018

The Øresund Bridge – praised for its groundbreaking engineering and architectural beauty – was constructed from each side of the sound between Sweden and Denmark. As the two parts eventually touched, the two heirs of each kingdom met symbolically in the middle. On 1 July 2000, it finally bridged a region that has always been perceived as one interrelated geography. But in January 2016, the bridge suddenly became the wall. A total stop for those seeking refuge during what came to be labelled as the refugee crisis, refusing entry to anyone who tried to pursue the promise of a safer future.

And then, we have The Bridge – the biggest success story of Swedish and Danish television, lauded internationally for its nordic noir plot and eerie scenery that blends the landscape of the two cities into a third place. A fictive binary location broadcast out to the world.

Now, it’s time for To the east and to the west, two planets appeared on the horizon.

Six guests from both sides have been invited to develop an experimental serial fiction unfolding in four episodes taking place in both cities during the months of May and June. The series will culminate in the season finale in Malmö on 20 June 2018.

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