Award Ceremony and Summer Party
Tuesday 18 June 2019
Welcome from 6pm

This year the Swedish Arts Grants Committee awards the Dynamo Award to Carl Lindh, Joel Odebrant and Elena Tzotzi who run Signal. They share the grant of 150.000 SEK.
The chairwoman of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee Ann-Sofi Noring will hand over the grant during a festive ceremony with friends, bar & music at Signal.

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s motivation reads as follows:
The Dynamo Award 2019 is awarded to Carl Lindh, Joel Odebrant and Elena Tzotzi who run Signal – Center for Contemporary Art. For over two decades, Signal has been an influential spearhead in the Malmö art scene.

Signal has with clarity and a persuasive consistent work created an invaluable meeting place for artists, curators and audience since the end of the 90s. With exhibitions as well as artistic collaborations, research and specific public events they have influenced the art scene far beyond Sweden. Signal has grown into an evident venue for contemporary art and insistently shed light on the artistic process, research and discourse around the public discussion on art.Signal has since its beginning in 1998 involved several artists and curators who collaboratively have formed a dynamic organization. The creative development of the organization has consistently moved forward to become what Signal is today.

About The Dynamo Award
The Dynamo Award was established in 2000 and is intended to highlight initiatives that contribute to the creation of new venues where artists can meet their audience. The awarded initiatives do not have to be run by artists, but the organization must be important for artists by creating new public sites for contemporary art.

Elena Tzotzi, Carl Lindh and Joel Odebrant respond:
We, Signal are very honoured and proud to be awarded the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s Dynamo Award 2019.

Signal was founded in 1998 by a group of artist in Malmö. Early on it organically formed into a group of artists and curators led by a desire to explore the meaning of collaboration and curation, to support artists, to propose new modes of production, to stimulate the ongoing public discourse around art.

Signal is today the sum of the people that have been involved: Christian Andersson, Maria Bustnes, Alexander Gutke, Sara Jordenö, Magnus Thierfelder, Evalena Tholin, Elena Tzotzi, Johan Svensson, Emma Reichert, Karlotta Blöndal, Luca Frei, Runo Lagomarsino, Johan Tirén, Carl Lindh, Fredrik Strid, Joel Odebrant, Matthew Rana.

Speaking from our own experience, we know very well that when you reach a certain point after a while of giving everything you have and not being sure if you have the energy or the possibility to continue, then that is the moment when all support and appreciation means the world.

Therefore, we have decided to accept the Dynamo Award 2019 with great joy and in our turn pass it on to several initiatives that are also valuable and indispensable for the strong art scene that Malmö is today.

Signal hands over the entire Dynamo Award 2019 to:
Alta Art Space because size does not move mountains, the will and the heart does.
DELFI because the Malmö and Copenhagen art scenes now stand even closer to each other.
Malmö Open Studios because enthusiasm makes everything possible and pleasurable.
METOOD because to act collectively on issues the burn makes all the difference.
Hyllie UngdomsRåd (HUR) because they had the courage to trust in art and the arts are inspired by them.