Friday 22 May 2015

The Blessing will be an evening of good karma and happy spirit to celebrate our new home on Monbijougatan 17H, Malmö.

As in all rituals drums, tunes and various potions are important ingredients.

There will be drums.

A concert by To\To, 8pm
To\To is an imaginative search of repeated rhythmic, a theatrical drum set-up of unusual stubborn appearance.
To\To is a shimmering rhythmic challenge with the drum set as the main substance in a slowly phase-displacing and sophisticated primal energy outlet.
To\To is a double drum set played by both members while facing each other.
To\To is Tobias Kirstein and Toke Tietze.

There will be tunes.

The Polyphonic Host
A performance by Sandra Mujinga, 9pm
“(…)They’re born with their brains in their hands. Don’t you see, that makes them peaceful!
They’ve got to be, cos a creature like that would have to trust anyone it meets.”
-Donna (Doctor Who, season 4 episode 3, The Planet of The Ood)

There will be drinks.

Come and celebrate with us!

* A very big thank you to artist Magnus Thierfelder, architects Josef Lindh and Testbed Studio, and Ola Gustafsson/Elastic Gallery for helping us achieve the right feng shui in our new home.

** Our new space is on the first floor with no elevator, please call us in advance if stairs is an obstacle.