Anthony Huberman
Saturday 19 November 2011

The Artist’s Institute is an experimental platform for thinking about contemporary art. Under the umbrella of Hunter College and based in a storefront space on the Lower East Side, The Artist’s Institute brings together the rigor of sustained and precise inquiry, with a dynamic schedule of public events. In contrast to a multi-tasking art world always eager to move on to a next exhibition, next artist and next idea, The Artist’s Institute maintains a longer attention span and a committed focus: the year is divided into two seasons, with each one dedicated to thinking about a single artist. Works by this anchor artist remain on view at the Institute throughout the season, providing a steady reference point, and as the season progresses, these works become a lens through which to consider the broader field of contemporary art and ideas. In that context, the Institute hosts a series of loosely associated projects and events by a wide range of other artists, writers, performers, or thinkers from around the world. Some of these projects last a few hours, while others last a few weeks, and each one ensures that existing knowledge and interpretations are constantly tested, complicated, and propelled elsewhere.

Anthony Huberman is a curator and writer based in New York, where he is currently the director of The Artist’s Institute.

Metod is an ongoing series of talks about working methods within the field of contemporary art and culture.

The Artist’s Institute, 163 Eldridge Street, NYC