Sunday 14 June 2015
9pm and as soon as it gets dark

A film evening on images of Malmö and good energies. The programme sets out with an image from 1946 found in the jubilee publication of the textile factory Kürzel and an educational film on the future green jobs in creative Malmö. The films are projected directly onto the former industrial buildings in the courtyard of Signal.

Sunshine Socialist Cinema is an outdoor cinema powered by solar panels run by artists Kalle Brolin and Kristina Müntzing. This evening’s film programme has been compiled by Sunshine Socialist Cinema in collaboration with Signal and includes among others the video The Myth of the Many in the One (2012) by artists Kennedy Browne based on sampled biographies of visionary entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley; the anthropological film Makwayela (1977) by Jean Rouch and Jacques D’Arthuys depicting a dance performed every morning outside a bottle factory in postcolonial Mozambique and fanakalo, a secret language invented by miners in South Africa in order to communicate without being understood by their overseers; and the video Reconsidering The new Industrial Parks near Irvine, California by Lewis Baltz, 1974 (2009) by artist Mario Pfeifer depicting the industrial development in the area from the 1980′s till today.

Film programme:
Kennedy Browne: The Myth Of The Many In The One (2012), 19:07 min
Jean Rouch & Jacques D’Arthuys: Makwayela (1977), 17:21 min
Mario Pfeifer: Reconsidering The New Industrial Parks Near Irvine, California By Lewis Baltz, 1974
(2009), 12:56 min
Bonnie Camplin & Paulina Olowska: A (Like Akarova), 2006. 3:01 min