Sara Lindeborg
with special guests Yasmine El Baramawy and Matthew Rana
Wednesday 4 May 2022

“Poetry may show us that when we sing to the subjectivity of the other, without determining that subjectivity, this is politics.”  – Lisa Robertson, Thresholds

The book project Ring Song (Sailor Press) consists of Sara Lindeborg’s ongoing painting series Manuscripts and the essay Thresholds by the poet Lisa Robertson. Through ancient ornaments, Manuscripts traces migration to make new compositions about intimacy, difference, and reciprocity. The project’s entry point is the Andalusian polylingual poetic form muwashshahat, which translated from Arabic means ring song. The form constitutes a multiplicity of social intersections and rhythmically innovates the time for our thinking together. For the book release at SIGNAL, the composer and oud player Yasmine El Baramawy and the poet Matthew Rana are invited to have a dialog with Lindeborg’s work.
Listen with headphones.