Adriana Ramić
Wednesday 31 January 2018

Developments in machine learning reinforce a particular canon of classification and understanding. How can the threshold for encoding and interpretation be adjusted or expanded beyond dominant conceptions, and where are we bound as bipedal thought forms? ”Pencils, pillows and coffee mugs are easy to grasp and lift. The same cannot be said of shadows, boulders, and holograms.” [2]

[1] Title taken from text written by a neural network trained on Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art’s digital archive.
[2] What can you do with a rock? Affordance extraction via word embeddings, Nancy Fulda and Daniel Ricks and Ben Murdoch and David Wingate. BYU, 3/9/17

Adriana Ramić is an artist based in New York applying a melancholic approach to AI.
The talk is organised in conjunction with the exhibition Digital Distress – Consumed by Infinity.