Lars Gustaf Andersson
Thursday 24 November 2016

In November last year, a dismal jubilee was celebrated; the 40th anniversary of the murder of the Italian filmmaker and writer Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Setting out from Ilias Papailiakis’ Studies on Pasolini’s portrait, 2015, a presentation of Pasolini is unfolded by Lars Gustaf Andersson, who in 1992 published The Children of Angels, a study on Pasolini’s filmmaking. The universe of Pasolini – his art and his political position – is based on the idea of the material and bodily language as a shield against the consumerism and conformism that during the post-war era succeeded in implementing the fascist homogenisation of the human being that Mussolini failed to accomplish. Pasolini spoke of the new fascism as “The Power without a Face” and against this he juxtaposed the real faces of real humans. With Papailiakis’ pencil portrait of the murdered Pasolini, another face is added to this row.

The talk will be held in Swedish.