Kristina Lee Podesva
Thursday 7 November 2013

The task of translation is not limited only to the process of inter-linguistic correspondence. For artists especially, this activity opens up the potential for inter-semiotic transmission and transmutation as well. And, through this type of translation, new relationships of signification may emerge in a context where the purported facts, points of origin or terminus, as well as faithful and accurate analogues are less important than the experience of engagement, which lends itself to an aesthetics of encounter and perhaps even of knowledge production. About some of the possibilities and problems of translation in an art context, artist and Fillip editor Kristina Lee Podesva will speak through a series of anecdotes, amateur research findings, philosophical frustrations, and confessions.

Kristina Lee Podesva is an artist, writer, and Editor at Fillip based in San Francisco. Fillip is a Vancouver-based organization that presents art, culture, and ideas primarily in the form of Fillip magazine. In addition to the magazine, Fillip publishes books, special projects, as well as public talks and symposia including Judgement and Contemporary Art Criticism (2009), Intangible Economies (2012), and Institutions by Artists (2012).