Karlotta Blöndal and Gunnar Már Pétursson
Thursday 26 November 2009

The Living Art Museum was founded by a group of twenty artists in 1978 and was the first non-profit artist-run organization in Iceland. This reputation was founded upon the commitment to the presentation of innovative work by Icelandic and international artists. The very distinctive character and history of Nylo have cemented it’s reputation as a unique place to produce and experience contemporary art.

Through the last 30 years it has stayed true to its original goals; to create a platform for progressive exhibitions and critical discussions on experimental art practice. The museum has given equal weight to work by international and Icelandic artists. The Living Art Museum’s collection holds today more than 1000 works, all donated by artists that have been a part of Nylo’s history. Traditionally, artists that have exhibited in Nylo have donated works to the collection, which means that over the past 30 years the museum has acquired an eclectic collection of works by both international and Icelandic artists. The Museum also holds a vast collection of artist books and prints, as well as documents that speak to the context and history of the works in the collection.

Gunnar Már Pétursson and Karlotta Blöndal, artists and board members of the museum, will give a talk on The Living Art Museum as an artists run initiative for over 30 years and its presence and impact on Icelandic art scene, the predicament of being an artist run initiative and an establishment, responsibilities, past glory and future dreams.

Gunnar Már Pétursson and Karlotta Blöndal’s stay in Malmö is part of a residency project organized by SparwasserHQ (Berlin) – Signal (Malmö) – UKS (Oslo) – rum46 (Århus) and supported by Nordic Culture Point.

The talk will be held in English.