Elena Wolay, Mats Stjernstedt, Maja Karlsson
Tuesday 28 May 2019

Metood invites you to yet another in-depth conversation on the conditions for artistic practice, this time taking place at Signal. We have gathered three practitioners operating in Malmö on different cultural scenes and with various backgrounds: Elena Wolay (Jazz är Farligt/Jazz is Dangerous), Mats Stjernstedt (Malmö Konsthall) and Maja Karlsson (MAKEMAKE, Le Bombe, Style by Magic/Darkest Karlsson etc.)

The conversation will be held in Swedish, and the evening will end with a performance by Malmö’s heaviest and deepest musical grass root, MAKEMAKE.

METOOD is a group of artists formed to prevent sexual harassment and assault, expose power structures and break down the oppressive culture within the arts.