Mikela Lundahl
Wednesday 30 October 2013

Museum collections are created on assumptions that have seen their hay days. This is a fact that all museums are well aware of and they are looking for strategies to deal with their legacy in the form of collections, exhibition spaces and methods, created in a colonial, hetero normative, bourgeois, patriarchal world order. The fact that there does not appear to be a simple way out of this, reflects not only the failures of the museums to manage their own problematic history, but also a major contemporary uncertainty about how to handle categories like nation, race and people. All of these concepts have throughout history been political and politicized, and we all have a relationship to them, but not necessarily the same one. What is it that makes them so hot to handle and how do they affect our practice and our everyday politics? The historian of ideas and cultural researcher at Copenhagen University, Mikela Lundahl, will lecture around this subject together with contemporary examples.