Gregory Sholette
Tuesday 8 May 2007

The aim of this presentation is to trace the effects of neo-liberalization upon politically committed artists in the United States by focusing on the shift from a post-war culture of administration to that of a post cold-war culture entrepreneurship. It concludes by asking what type of critical, artistic response is possible under the conditions of the new, homeland security state apparatus that emerged in the aftermath of September 11 2001.

Gregory Sholette is a NYC based artist, writer, and founding member of two artists’ collectives, Political Art Documentation and Distribution (1980-1986) and REPOhistory (1989-2000).   Together with Nato Thompson he is co-editor of The Interventionists: A User’s Manual for the Creative Disruption of Everyday Life (MIT Press 2004), and his book Collectivism After Modernism that is co-edited with UC Davis Art Historian Blake Stimson is due out in 2006 from The University of Minnesota Press, and he also teaches in the School of Art and Art Professionals at New York University, Visual Culture Program.

Metod is an ongoing series of talks about working methods within the field of contemporary art and culture.