Friday 17 January 2020

On January 17 MAKEMAKE’s album FÖRÄNDRA MITT LIV MEN INTE MIN STIL (LP/DL) will be released on the Malmö-based label Kalligrammofon. It’s a record about grief, memories and survival. A kind of redefined confessional blues on the vulnerability of the streets, self-medication and boasting:

The uncomfortable is my main theme. The protagonists are whores, drug addicts and freaks. In a culture that can’t seem to speak of dirt and pain everyone who is filthy becomes invisible. We learn that our personalities can’t exist, a part of our experiences can’t be told. This destructive process prevents us from living fully as complete persons. And this is more painful than the unpleasantness of being “exposed” to difficult stories. In fact it is relieving, liberating, and even funny, when art tells forbidden stories – because it makes us for once feel reflected.

Under the stage name MAKEMAKE Malmö-based artist Maja Karlsson makes headstrong pop music where fierce rap on ”Bjärredsskånska” mingles with clear nods to New York’s queer hip-hop scene, various west coasts and artsy new wave. Maja has been a part of Malmö’s music underground for over 20 years, with a background in the experimental rockband Yind, in her own pop projects like Le bombe and Just Like a Boy, as well as her techno alias Style by Magic and as a touring musician in The Radio Dept.

Kalligrammofon is a label for experimental music, pop music and experimental pop music, and has released records with musicians such as Testbild!, Death and Vanilla, Viktor Sjöberg among others.