by Hartmut Bitomsky
Introduction by Oskar Hallberg
Wednesday 23 March 2022

Dust (2007), 90min

Dust. It is everywhere and ever present. A conglomeration of the finest particles set in motion as soon as things are starting to settle. It is fought and cleared away and yet returns again even as it is being removed. A Sisyphus whoever tries to defeat it. Dust nestles in carpets and in attics. It invades laboratories and settles on artworks. Dust causes illness, dust makes up the cosmos. It is the smallest, discernible subject about which to make a film. Hartmut Bitomsky follows the path of the dust. In associative and symphonic movements, he pursues it to the place where it settles, and seeks out people who contend with it. A meditative rumination on that which is pulverised, drifts around us in the wind and our clothes and breath, comes down on us in vastly different shapes and colors, the film leaves an impression at once horrifying and ecstatic.

Oskar’s Gold Nuggets is an ongoing series of film screenings where our neighbor and cineaste Oskar Hallberg from Cinema Panora presents a film in dialogue with the current exhibition on view.