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Battling with Malevolent Forces

Battling with Malevolent Forces

Alice Creischer, Iza Tarasewicz

12 November–19 December 2021
& 13 January–27 February 2022
Opening Friday 12 November 7-9pm

The hat speaks, the rake speaks
the scythe murmurs
to the ear in the grass:

8 760 hours has the year.
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The mermaid and the outer point of no return

The mermaid and the outer point of no return

Ami Bergman, Peter Wallström

24 September–31 October 2021
Opening Friday 24 September 6-10pm

Scientists today argue that the universe is expanding in a single plane. Or that it has such flat bending that it is impossible to notice or understand its curve, not even… »

Your Sonic Medicine

Your Sonic Medicine

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel

March–June 2021

Introducing Paolo Thorsen-Nagel as our IASPIS Malmö artist-in-residence 2021. Paolo Thorsen-Nagel is a musician and artist who will be tuning the room of Signal, exploring listening fantasies and navigating the simultaneous need for closeness under the current impossibility of a live… »

Spring 2019, and onwards...

Spring 2019, and onwards…

Every day, we calendar our minutes ad absurdum, yet we feel constantly behind schedule.
Every day, we process a massive overload of information, yet we never feel updated enough.
Every day, we connect to the whole world and beyond, yet what we most… »