15 May–13 June 2004
Opening Saturday 15 May

Signal ends its spring season with a group show featuring Can Altay, PetraBauer & Annette Krauss and New Beginings.

The exhibition takes as its starting point different ways of working in (with) public space. The debate surrounding where the line is drawn between the public and the private, how public spaces have become ever more commercialised, and the ways in which these structures lead to people developing new ”spaces” or relationships to the existing architecture are all central questions for the artists.

The work Minibar by Can Altay effectively documents the ”non-places” in central Ankara, Turkey, that local youths use as makeshift bars where they can socialise in the evenings. The minibars spring up in places where the surrounding architecture has inadvertently created an environment for sitting and setting down drinks.

Petra Bauer and Annette Krauss have for a longer time been collecting stories that are presented in a publication entitled In search of a toolfor subversive actions in everyday life. The stories are about people trying to cope with various everyday situations, navigate their way through existing structures or even use them to their own advantage. The work poses questions such as when and in which way an action is considered subversive.

The artist group New Beginings has been working at breaking down existing structures in the public space for several years now. Their actions range from the public placement of comfortable park-benches to radio transmissions. At Signal they will be presenting a sustainable cycle based on potatoes* as raw material.

*Early Puritan is a variety of potato