SIGNAL is a center for contemporary art in Malmö, Sweden, focusing on the production, presentation, discourse and promotion of contemporary art and culture, run by a group of artists and curators exploring the possibilities of a collaborative curatorial praxis and the various functions of the exhibition venue.


Founded by artists in 1998, SIGNAL is a center for contemporary art in Malmö, Sweden. Early on it organically formed into a group of artists and curators led by a desire to explore the meaning of collaboration and curation, to support artists, to propose new modes of production, to stimulate the ongoing public discourse around art.

Today, SIGNAL is the sum of the people that have been and still are involved: Christian Andersson, Maria Bustnes, Alexander Gutke, Sara Jordenö, Magnus Thierfelder, Evalena Tholin, Elena Tzotzi, Johan Svensson, Emma Reichert, Karlotta Blöndal, Luca Frei, Runo Lagomarsino, Johan Tirén, Carl Lindh, Fredrik Strid, Joel Odebrant, Matthew Rana, Kah Bee Chow, Olof Nimar.

Our mode is slow and rugged, infused with humour. Our vision is to push ideas forward in dialogue with tenderness and sensitivity. Our home is our space, with one foot firmly rooted in Malmö and the other outside, maintaining a physical presence that is welcoming and intimate.

Stepping into our third decade, we haven’t cracked the time riddle. Yet we continue to develop a tempo and rhythm that allows for a deeper search—determined to walk with time on our side, and to cultivate the pleasure of staying with the now in all aspects of artistic process.

Thank you for staying in tune with us!