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Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari
Friday 13 December 2019

Mint is a curatorial duo, a mobile exhibition project and an art space initiated by Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari. They work with a special interest for radical art production, intergenerational meetings and… »

Our friend, Valerie Solanas

Our friend, Valerie Solanas

Ellen Cantor, Chiara Fumai, Pauline Oliveros, Carole Roussopoulos & Delphine Seyrig

20 September–15 December 2019
Opening Friday 20 September 7-9pm

Dear Valerie,

This exhibition is dedicated to you. We like to think of it as a group of ideal friends, supportive colleagues, and brilliant… »

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Everyday, we calendar our minutes in absurdum, yet we feel constantly behind schedule.
Everyday, we process a massive overload of information, yet we never feel updated enough.
Everyday, we connect to the whole world and beyond, yet what we most desire is to… »