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Temporary move

Temporary move

June–December 2022

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Ring Song

Ring Song

Sara Lindeborg
with special guests Yasmine El Baramawy and Matthew Rana
Wednesday 4 May 2022

“Poetry may show us that when we sing to the subjectivity of the other, without determining that subjectivity, this is politics.”  – Lisa Robertson, Thresholds

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by Hartmut Bitomsky
Introduction by Oskar Hallberg
Wednesday 23 March 2022

Dust (2007), 90 min

Dust. It is everywhere and ever present. A conglomeration of the finest particles set in motion as soon as things are starting to settle. It is fought… »

Death by Chocolate: West Edmonton Shopping Mall (1986-05)

Death by Chocolate: West Edmonton Shopping Mall (1986-05)

by Dan Graham
Wednesday 23 March 2022

Death by Chocolate: West Edmonton Shopping Mall (2005), 8 min

We start the evening thinking about our friend Dan Graham whose sharp observations and disarming humour have enriched our lives.

Death by Chocolate: West Edmonton»

Battling with Malevolent Forces

Battling with Malevolent Forces

Alice Creischer, Iza Tarasewicz

12 November–19 December 2021
& 13 January–27 March 2022
Opening Friday 12 November 7-9pm

The hat speaks, the rake speaks
the scythe murmurs
to the ear in the grass:

8 760 hours has the year.
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Spring 2019, and onwards...

Spring 2019, and onwards…

Every day, we calendar our minutes ad absurdum, yet we feel constantly behind schedule.
Every day, we process a massive overload of information, yet we never feel updated enough.
Every day, we connect to the whole world and beyond, yet what we most… »